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Tears scare off street robber, "froshing" at Garfield

There’s been a few times recently when street robberies were foiled when the victim threw the robber off with non-standard behavior like a stern talking to. Last week a group of young girls, 10-11 years old, were waiting for their mother outside the Medgar Evers pool when an older kid thought they looked like easy marks. But according to a newly released police report, the suspect wasn’t prepared for the emotional defense deployed by the girls:

While they waited a black male roughly 16 YOA approached the three girls.  Initially the male asked for money, but when the girls saidno the male said give me some money or I will, “Jack you.”  The girls, all between the ages of 10 and 11 YOA, became scared and began to cry.  The male then left the area N/B on 23 AV.  The girls contacted an off-duty SPD officer at the community center.  The girls described the suspect as a BM,16 YOA, wearing a white baseball cap, a black jacket, white t-shirt, and blue jeans. 

Responding officers conducted an area check, but the suspect could not belocated.

A second report shows that hazing may have gotten a new name, but has not gone out of style with our youngest generation. A Garfield freshman agreed to go on a “froshing” trip with a group of seniors, and agreed to a paddling and egg-on-the-head-smashing. But things took a turn for the worse when he declined to jump off of a bridge into the water:

[the victim] stated he picked up his jacket and started to walk down from the bridge when he felt an egg hit him in the back of hishead.  [Victim]  stated he did not agree to have an egg thrown at him.  [Victim]  stated he was not injured at anytime during the “froshing” incident.

Our buddy Jonah at has all the details on the hazing/egging

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  1. at least that’s what we called it back in the mid-80’s. The closest I got to getting froshed (at Roosevelt) was when I was walking down the hall early freshman year and a big football player grabbed me by the front of my shirt, shoved me against a locker, and asked if I was a freshman. I said no and he apparently believed me. whew.