0 thoughts on “Seattle Homes & Lifestyles likes Leschi

  1. I would caution folks about believing this article’s numbers as the boundaries of Seattle have been modified. Leschi runs from Lake Washington to MLK Jr Way (not 31st) and north boundary is Cherry, south boundary is Norman. So there are many more homes which would alter the statistics. Someone has just cut a chunk out of the center of Leschi and reported it as Leschi for this story.
    Having escaped suburban Bellevue to move to Leschi over 20 years ago, the suburban tag makes me cringe. It is nice to be close to the lake and somewhat removed from city noise, but still close to it. I don’t see the suburban attitude; I think folks are mor engaged in what is going on in the city. The Leschi Community Council is more active than anything I ever saw in Bellevue; after years of activism in the Bay Area, I finally felt as though I had come home again when we moved here.