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Seattle Crime: Central District part of large vice bust

Our friend Jonah at has a really good, exclusive story on a big, long-term anti-prostitution operation by Seattle Police that included an arrest of an alleged pimp at 12th & Jefferson this morning:

It’s mid-afternoon, and Gang Unit Sergeant Jim Dyment sits hunched in the backseat of a van, parked at a Central District gas station, surveying the parking lot.

Dyment, along with more than 20 other officers, detectives, and sergeants, are waiting for a pimp.

Earlier today, police reeled in 11 men and women—including three suspected pimps and gang members—they’d baited with underage-looking undercover officers as part of a six-month investigation, Operation Fast Track, targeting the men who coerce, cultivate, and pimp out teenage girls and young women in Seattle.

The operation is targeting gang members who have been recruiting underage girls into prostitution, with a center of activity around Seattle Center.

In this case, the arrested suspect was attempting to recruit an undercover officer who was pretending to have just been released from juvie hall at 12th & Alder.

Read the whole thing over at Seattle Crime, and stay tuned for additional reports from Jonah.

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  1. McGinn has stepped up again and shown that Seattle Weekly is the pimp behind much of the prostitution in Seattle. Weekly and Village Voice media are the national center for promotion of prostitution and sex slavery. Thanks to McGinn we have begun our local effort to shut this pimp rage down. Shame on SW.