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Reader report: tires slashed on 26th Ave

We got a note this morning from reader WL that their tires were slashed last night in the 300 block of 26th Avenue:

My wife e-mailed me to report that our car’s tires were slashed on Tuesday night. She believes a neighbor’s tires were also slashed… We love in a great neighborhood, but things can always improve!

Their vehicle is currently in the shop, getting an expensive set of new tires.

Anyone else had problems like this recently?

0 thoughts on “Reader report: tires slashed on 26th Ave

  1. Yup, happened to us too (500 block of 27th) a couple of week ago, as well as several other people in the Garfield neighborhood. My wife thinks its a gang initiation, I think it’s bored kids. Either way, it’s annoying and random, hope they catch them.

  2. …to my 90-something year old neighbors. Needless to say, they were confused. And certainly a difficult expense for them to cover.

  3. I don’t think it’s bored kids. It has been happening on different blocks every year around this time. Temple was hit about 4 years ago. The entire block. Very expensive and annoying.