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Curb bulbs coming to 20th & Lane

We rode over to 20th & Lane this morning, expecting to see a whirlwind of construction activity on new curb bulbs the city announced for the intersection. But it looks like so far the only work has been to spraypaint the area where the bulbs will go.

There’s been a number of complaints about speeding traffic on that street, especially from parents whose kids attend Giddens School on that corner. The new construction will extend the sidewalk about five feet out into the street, giving a shorter distance for pedestrians to cross.

Spray-paint on the pavement shows that the additions will go on the two corners on the south side of Lane, and will match two curb bulbs on the north side that have been there for some time.

The work is supposed to start this week and wrap up by the end of Friday, with construction work going on between 7:00am and 2:30pm..

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