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Break In on 25th and Mass – Suspect photographed

We live on 25th and Mass, just south of the CD and north of the Rainier Valley right by the African American museum. Our home was broken into Friday at lunch time. They kicked in the front door and entered while the alarm was blaring. They stole electronics, a laptop, jewelery and my brief case. Today (Sunday) we just spotted a person brazenly walking by our house with my briefcase slung over his shoulder. He ran when he saw me, so the picture is not good, but I will post it if that’s possible on this site.

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  1. Its a sad/funny story, good picture, too bad it didnt include his face. hopefully you have insurance.

  2. People are often in jail because they are, frankly, stupid. The guy who stole my bike rode it right past my house a few weeks later, and I chased him for blocks before bringing the police to his house. Criminals are idiots! As for the insurance comment…sadly most folks lose a mint between the deductable and the discounted value of any not-new item. Also, more than one claim on your homeowner’s for theft and State Farm at least will drop you. So sometimes it isn’t worth it to file the claim.

  3. The report would be much more useful with a physical description of the subject.

  4. Stupid, that is all I can say about that a-hole. You should get a shot gun and take a different kind of shot!

  5. Subject was a light skinned african american with an Afro. Probably 14-18 years old. About 5’9′ with a thin build. The clothes he was wearing are pretty clear in the picture. The police told me that what I should have done was remain in contact at a distance and call 911 to direct the police to him. That makes sense now, but at the time, taking a picture is what I thought to do.

  6. Safe bet he lives fairly close to you or at least spends time in your neighborhood. Maybe put up some fliers around stating he dropped something while running to the bus and you’d like to return it but you don’t know who it is- might get some leads for the police. I agree with the stupid comments, it’s amazing how moronic these criminals can be.

  7. It is not often considered but $5 worth of hardened screws can prevent most foot to door break-ins. Nothing is going to stop a large crow bar (super bar / Burke bar – they are heavy and 3 to 5 feet in length) but some good quality 3 inch screws that go all the way into the 2×4 Doug fir studs next to the jamb will do wonders. The B series Schlage deadbolts come with the screws, steel cup plate and heavy gauge bolt plate but you should be able to buy these from a locksmith or perhaps Home Depot or Lowe’s now carry them – they did not used to. Quality deadbolts don’t hurt either – I shake my head when I see people buy residential grade dead bolts by Kwickset (sp ?) in the a three pack for $29.99. I do not think a $70 dead bolt is too much cost to protect your home from the quick kick thieves. The better dead bolts have a longer throw than the cheap ones with solid housings and are harder to damage and make fail. You won’t get ball bearing bolts until you get into Multilock price territory though which is closer to $150.

    With most installations, they just install the dead bolt face plate and their entire strength comes from the jamb by way of the mortising and the tiny 1/2 inch screws. The jamb is usually hem fir or other light weight wood and will usually split out the 1/2 inch of jamb keeping the plate in place with a fairly quick medium power kick. If you have one of those light steel skinned doors, the door itself with break in half before the dead bolt will be damaged enough to pull away from the jamb.

    A good 1 3/4 inch fir door with properly installed jamb (shimmed in four places per side and screwed to the rough opening with small gaps each side) and dead bolt screws can not be kicked in by your average man.

  8. interesting…when I’ve follwed at a safe distance the 911 operator has told me not to…

  9. Thanks for the deadbolt tips. Our door and frame needs to be replaced and I’ve already spoken to the guy about upgrading the system to better resist the kick-in. The police said the door was kicked in, but there are also marks on the door where it appears some type of bar may have been used. The cheap deadbolt we had was laying on the floor and the frame is mangled. I will show your suggestions to the guyt from PWC Construction when he comes out to redo our door which is currently covered with a sheet of plywood. We are waiting for the insurance to approve the repares. Yes, we do have insurance, but with a $1000 deductable.

  10. Though this robbery is something all of us can feel frustrated over, I would feel worse thinking someone would use a deadly weapon to chaise this robber down. I can understand defending yourself or another from a potencial or actual deadly assault, but I do not believe any of my property is worth a young man’s life!

  11. Our home was robbed several months ago by some teenagers that live on our block. My guess is the same thing happened to you. Between the afro, the colorful jacket and the Jordans, you should be able to identify him if you see him again near your home. If you do, I would take a picture and either post it again or forward it to the police. I’d bet money it was a neighborhood kid.

  12. Any person that steals from me deserves whatever I got coming for them. Material? YES….. My Material that I worked very hard for over my entire life? YES. If they want to be street trash vermin theives, I will treat them with the force they deserve, and make it look like self defense. gutter trash theives, so disgusting.

  13. Our house got broken into on May 19th in a similar fashion: they took a crowbar to the side door sometime in the afternoon, leaving some lip prints on the glass. Stole laptops, cash, coin jars, jewelry, and a jacket. They left passports and social security cards, luckily, which leads us to believe they’re kids as well. Such a bummer.

  14. Fuck off. Nobody’s life is worth some junk I bought. Would I be fucking pissed if someone stole my bike? Yes. Would I KILL A HUMAN BEING to make myself feel better? No. Because that’s murder, and that’s a far worse crime than stealing some shit that could be replaced.

  15. My house and my neighbor’s house near 23rd and Mass were both broken into in April. Same exact MO. Around 2pm. Crowbarred in the front door and ignored the alarm. Were in and out in about 6 minutes. Sounds like the exact same kids. Lets catch this little SOB. He also hit our other neighbors in March. Why aren’t the police paying closer attention to this crime spree?

  16. BTW, the police have his crowbar. He left it in my house when he ran away. I bet they never even bothered to finger print it. Considering how many houses he has now broken into you think they’d be doing this.