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Thompson’s Point of View suffers a loss, stays within family

Gail Thompson, the widow of Carl Thompson Jr., has taken charge of Thompson’s Point of View due to the unexpected death of her husband last month at the age of 51.  Carl Thompson Jr. had been a fixture in the Central District community, since Thompson’s Point of View started serving up its Southern (North Louisiana) food in 1986.  Sir Mix-A-Lot, for one, called Thompsons’ Point of View one of his favorite Seattle soul food eateries.

CDNews spoke with the Ms. Thompson, who told us she had no plans to change the menu.  However, she may change the layout and design of the interior in coming months.   

Thompson’s is open 11am – 2am daily.

0 thoughts on “Thompson’s Point of View suffers a loss, stays within family

  1. This restaurant/bar is pretty darn close to where I live but I’ve never been in. I’ve seen too much wheeling and dealing outside the doors to make it very appealing. I am sorry to hear about the wife’s loss though. I wish her success with the makeover she plans for the establishment.

  2. In order to go into T.P.O.V. you’ll need to push thru the crowd of cops that are pretty-much constantly around that place responding to various issues.

  3. I would be more than happy to make this another one of my hang outs in the central district if there was less drug dealing out in front of this restaurant. If you want more money in your pocket Gail, encourage these folks to move on. You’ll be happier and wealthier you did!

  4. Thompson’s does its best to keep the drug dealing out of the bar/restaurant, but has had little help from the police (what happened to that neighborhood response center on the corner) or the neighboring businesses (like the liquor store across the street). Thompson’s and its management know who the bad apples are and don’t let them into the place. If you want to support a local business and help drive out the drug trade, then eat at Thompson’s.

  5. Actually the police & Louise Thompson have long cooperated in their efforts to eliminate the drug dealing out front. Louise has taken a lot of heat, threats and broken windows thru the years for her friendly relationship with SPD.

    The police drop-in center across the street is for officers to do paperwork, computer work, use the W/C, etc. It was never meant nor funded to be a neighborhood response center. We were told that when it was opened.

    My condolences to Gail, Louise and the Thompson family. Carl was a bright light.

  6. “Thompson’s does its best to keep the drug dealing out but has had little help from the police”

    Hmmmmm. This does not jibe with what my eyes see everyday. The cops are there almost all the time. there was a cop car out in front this morning, as a matter of fact. Bet they are there right now.

  7. I would totally go if there wasn’t so much dealing out front – really glad to hear that the Thompsons try to do something about it cause i wasn’t sure….My condolences too.

  8. If you want to support a local business and help drive out the drug trade, then eat at Thompson’s.

  9. If Thompson’s wants more local families to eat there, they should invest in security to drive off the drug trade. I’d love to eat there, but wont take my kids somewhere where gunfire might break out due to the excessive amount of dealing in front.

  10. and they are dealing significantly outside of thompson’s, but it’s also the drug users. the crackheads, prostitutes, and general users are a significant part of the problem, and they’re welcome to come in for drinks, etc.

    but agree that some sort of security would be nice

  11. A friend of mine was one of Carl’s teachers at UW. I know he thought very highly of Carl. … And the Thompson burger is a pretty amazing creation, especially for those whose arteries are in good shape. (Haven’t been there in a couple of years; is it still on the menu?)

  12. To those who think that it’s my job to chase away the drug dealers and prostitutes that hang out in front of establishments – it’s not. It’s not my place of business and it’s not my job to put my own safety at risk by “shooing” them away. I’m going to spend my money and time where I feel safe. If Thompsons wants to be considered a place like that, it’s up to the owners to figure out a way to make that happen. Not me.

  13. My deepest sympathy goes out to family.I personally have been eating, drinking and enjoying myself @ TPOV since it was HELENS DINNER. If you don’t know about that you’re an economic transport to our neighborhood. Its not perfect but I love it. Its home, and to me so is TPOV. 90% of the customers are regulars, and I for one like the fact that WE still have a place WE’RE welcome in what was OUR COMMUNITY. I love TPOV and the flies!!

  14. Hey sorry we can’t all be cool enough to have lived here as long as you, CD Vet. And allow me to apologize for stealing your community away from you.

    Could you please elaborate about these places where you’re not “welcome in what was YOUR community?” Thanks.

  15. wow cd vet how special and amazing are you?!!!!! i feel humbled by your comments and shall move immediately out of the CD to make more room for your ego….

  16. I remember Ms Helens when it was in the old Coleman building. Did she used to be at the TPOV location or is that a differen’t Helen. Folks if you have not had the Halleluja chicken wings at TPOV then you are missing out on something special. Call them in as a take out order if you are too skeezed to dine in but you must have them and have them now. Not to be confused with a Buffalo wing these things are as addictive as whats being sold outside. I don’t blame CD Vet for a touch of resentment. Things have changed alot and he misses the way things were. I mean heck i miss how it was 5 years ago when we had a real lul in all this dealing and gang stuff. .
    I used to get all bent out of shape way back when but I guess I’ve been here so long now that i just stopped taking offense to those who prefer the old days when they felt like they new everyone on every block.
    Cut him some slack.
    Oh and another thing…… The Seafood Etoufe is the bomb!

  17. I’ve lived in the CD since 1964. I feel MORE welcome in places that aren’t overrun by drug dealers and drug addict. It was MY community before the crack epidemic left an entire generation of thieving zombies roaming our streets. I’ll be thrilled when it’s MY community again. Right now, it’s the drug addict/dealer’s community and the rest of us are just trying to live here.

  18. Very sorry to hear the news of Carl’ passing. Hope the surviving family is coping, getting the support they need.

    I had not seen Carl in many years but will remember him forever; great spirit, great smile.

    Peace be with you Carl.