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One week left to weigh in on parks project proposals

If you haven’t yet checked out the detailed descriptions of proposed ideas for the Kraus parks projects grant, the candidates are up on the Madrona Community Council site and also listed in the latest issue of the Madrona newsletter.

As we wrote about after the May community council meeting, longtime Madrona residents Martin and Mimi Kraus left $50,000 to the community to be used for parks and recreation. The council is currently considering the submitted grants (not all the money needs to be allocated at this time).

While only council members can vote on the final decision, they are accepting comments and feedback from the community. The vote will occur during a special 6:45pm session on Tuesday, June 1, 30 minutes prior to the normal meeting. That session, held at the Madrona Playfield shelter house at 34th Avenue and East Marion, will be open to the public.

The proposals:

  • Harrison Ridge Improvement
  • Art in Madrona Park
  • Madrona Beach Restoration
  • Children’s Gathering Fund & Indoor Toilet at Shelterhouse
  • Madrona Woods Proposal
  • Madrona Ravine South Slope Project
  • Madrona Business District Enhancement
  • 29th Avenue Street End Improvement

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