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CD Garden Tour Photos

The Garden Tour yesterday was awesome. Saw so much cool stuff, met some new neighbors, and got to see the hard work of others that we already knew.

Apologies for not getting these out earlier, but the 6 mile marathon that we walked yesterday wore us out (and ran so long that it sadly caused us to miss the party with our Leschi friends at Flo Ware.)

Here’s to hoping there’s a 2011 Garden Tour too:

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  1. Yes, Virginia, there will be a GT11! We have five gardens already.

    We’re thinking we’ll keep it to ten gardens and make every effort to keep them closer together next year. We’ll have a couple of debriefing meetings to compile our lessons learned and ideas for making the next Tour even better. Feel free to post comments here and we’ll take note of them.

    Heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated, toured and sponsored GT10. We raised at least $1500 for public art in the CD. Stay tuned for calls for volunteers/participants for the public art project.