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How do I tell my neighbors to turn down the booming radio without being the angry anglo?

Hi Everyone –

Does anyone have any recommendation for telling your neighbors to turn their booming car stereo down without being perceived as the angry anglo pr*ck next door?

I don’t understand why people think that it’s OK to hang out on the porch, get all phukered up, and boom the crap out of the car stereo; windows down, doors open. What happened to radios, and communicating in a “non-yelling” way – why does everything have to be loud?

Perhaps I’m hypersensitive to other people space, peace and quiet. But I think it’s good practice to be kind and conscious about how my actions might affect them.

I suspect that when the music’s booming, that’s not the *best* time to say something, and wait for a random low key moment.

Is it as simple as asking “hey man, can you not blast the music from your car when hanging out? The music comes right into our home.” ?

Tough thing is, if I do ask, and they oblige, it’s only for a brief moment as they have historically forgot such conversations.

Sure, we live in the city, and one could argue, if you don’t like it, move. But that’s too easy of a response.

Are there social/cultural aspects I’m totally missing here? If so, does that still give people the right to be that loud?


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  1. How about calling the non-emergency police line and filing a complaint? That way it’s relatively anonymous. If anything, the police will say “a neighbor” called in a complaint if they end up going to the location.

  2. best way to deal w/ it is to call the authorities. Just like when an abondonded car is “hanging around too long.” You said it yourself – you tried to communicated w/ them, but they didn’t get it. Yes- that what you get for living in the city, but at the same time you can counter-punch w/ calling police/authorities, etc. Play hardball w/out getting yourself in trouble (sad but true). Look- there is a real cultural problem w/ the CD as crack & prostitution still rule the neighborhood. I mean, cmon, does anybody really hang out on Jackson, Yelser, Or Union Street(s)? It’s too bad – these are great historical thoroughfares w/ rich history steeped in flare/tradition/appeal/scenerey. Something needs to change or nothing will. Even with re-development of Jackson (23rd), Yelser (20th), & Madison (20th), things are still creepy at night & the economy isn’t helpimng much. The plight/oppression of the African American culture is still rearing it’s head & it seems to be getting worse. I love their culture, family, food, belief system (fyi-my wife is black from E. Tacoma so I know what I’m talkin’ bout), but it simply isn’t getting better. So what is the CD gonna do about it? A (relatively) small area that hasn’t changed much in 15-20 yrs. Yeah- I know it’s been gentrified over the last 4-5 yrs, but those white ppl are so weak/timid/non-descript that they are nothing but spineless jellyfish! At least the black folks still walk around & represent the neighborhood. I am as excited about the economic development of the neighborhood as anybody, but if things don’t change when the sun goes down then those “new shiny bldgs” are going to be less valuable in 5 yrs then they are now! It’s a chicken/egg thing – what we gonna do?