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Hiphop at Flo Ware Park Celebration

Fatal Lucciauno is a former Cherry block guy in his early 20s, well aware of both Deuce 8 and Flo Ware, and also one of the best rappers in the city. Area nightclubs routinely pay him decent money to perform, more than I’m assuming Parks & Rec/Leschi Community Council did, and seeing as Fatal was otherwise spending his day moving into a new apartment, not to mention the fact he had a show later that night in Centralia, it said something to me that he showed up to play a park jam in the middle of the day for a bunch of old people and their kids/grandkids.

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  1. I would have come out to hear but I didn’t see the post about Flo Ware until today. Did I miss any notice earlier than late on 5/21?

  2. We weren’t able to secure entertainment until late in the planing process, but we’re grateful when we can get such coveted local talent!

    The local music scene is very committed to community, so I guess you just have to trust us to appeal to their better nature, and line up great stuff for you every time!

  3. Both a news story and event were posted on the CD News on May 16th. It was also promoted on the front page of the Leschi News which is available at local businesses or home delivery with subscription.