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Bike to Work day a bit cool, but well attended

It’s Bike To Work Day, and we’ve biked up and then way down to Madrona Park, where Bridget and Emmett are set up with signs, muffins, and a ton of coffee. They’re both work at Payscale, and their coworkers pitched in to help buy the goodies, with the Leschi Starbucks donating the coffee.

They’ve had about 20 people stop by, with others “biking wih purpose” passing by.

Biggest challenge so far: keeping the wily park crows from picking at the pastries.

Up next: Hiawatha Place

0 thoughts on “Bike to Work day a bit cool, but well attended

  1. Every day is Bike to work day for me (except today–I have Friday’s off!).
    It’s great to see the increase in bike traffic, now if we could just get more people riding regularly.
    Thanks to all the sponsors-corporate & not!
    …and thanks to all the car-drivers out there who watch out for us.

  2. I wish they would have a stand selling $10 helmets, like they used to on Bicycle Sunday.

  3. Cool folks there at Working Dog cycles. The owner once let me wash my hands in his sink after I suffered an on-the-road flat repair.