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Another grass-related delay on Madison Valley pond opening

Some day neighbors in Madison Valley will be able to take strolls through a block-long piece of nicely landscaped trails, with benches and a water feature for kids to play in. But it won’t be this month.

The city has announced that the construction fences will stay up around the stormwater detention pond at 30th & Denny as they re-seed the grass in some areas “that are not flourishing” and wait for it to take hold.

They’ll re-evaluate the lawn conditions at the end of June and may remove the fences if the grass is strong enough to handle foot traffic.

0 thoughts on “Another grass-related delay on Madison Valley pond opening

  1. I think this park/water retention facility should be named the Kate Fleming Memorial Park. Just sayin’.

  2. I’ve been walking by there a lot lately, and have been really looking forward to the fences coming down.

    I wonder if it’d work just as well, for the grass, if they removed the perimeter fences and roped-off / fenced-off only the areas where the grass needs more help?

  3. That is perfectly appropriate, IMHO, she deserves to be remembered.