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Violent crime roundup: 3 recent robberies, 9 assaults

We’ve combed through the last month of police reports on and assembled this list of recent events:


  • The report has been released from the incident two weeks ago where a man was stabbed outside his home near 28th & Jackson. Here’s the details of what happened:  

At approximately 0145 hours, V/ grabbed his keys from inside his apartment located at 312 28th Ave S Apt #D and walked down the exterior stairs to his mail box. The apartment mail boxes are located on the north side exterior of the apartment complex. Upon reaching his mail box, an unknown B/M, 30’s, 6’3″, 200 lbs (stocky build), bald, wearing a black jacket, black t-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers approached V/ stating, “Give me your money, give me your money.” V/ looked down at the suspect’s wrist as he approached him and saw what appeared to be a pocket knife in his left hand. V/Brown told the suspect, “Na I don’t have any,” and then the suspect slashed his knife, in a swinging motion towards the head of V/Brown. V/Brown attempted to block the strike from the suspect with his right arm causing a small laceration on the outside of his right wrist. V/Brown turned and ran back up the stairs to his apartment and when doing this he noticed that the suspect fled on foot to the N/E of the listed location.

  • A couple was walking eastbound from 18th & Pike just after midnight on 3/29 when they passed three males and one of them knocked one of the victims to the ground and demanded his wallet. Another suspect tried to take the other victim’s purse and hit her in the head with a chain when she resisted. Suspects were all white males, 20s.
  • At 8:30pm on March 13th, a woman had just gotten off the bus and was walking near 29th & Marion when a man demanded her purse, pulled it off her shoulder, and pushed her to the ground. He and another man ran off northbound, described as black males, 20s, 6′ tall, and wearing dark clothing.


  • A 44 year old woman was crossing Union at 23rd when she got into an argument with a 44 year old man. The woman fell down and the man escalated the situation by producing a knife which he put up to her neck and said “Bitch, I’ll kill you” and accused her of being a snitch. A search for the suspect turned up negative.
  • On April 3rd at 31st & Denny, a man was assaulted by a person he had known since high school. Their relationship took a bad turn recently due to a lawsuit filed by the suspect, but the suspect still stops by the victim’s house on occasion, and this one turned into an argument where the victim was accused of letting “his bitch run him”. The victim was hit in the eye and knocked into a wall by the suspect.
  • A mother assaulted a school bus driver at 26th & Pine on April 5th when the driver refused to let her on the bus to get her kids (bus policy says no parents are allowed on the bus). The kids had phoned mom to complain about the bus driver yelling at them.
  • A kid at Madrona K-8 was assaulted by another kid who told him “I hate Mexicans”
  • A woman was invited by an acquaintance to go back to his house and get high. She did so, smoked some marijuana, declined the crack that was also offered, and then relieved her munchies by eating some food at the kitchen table. The suspect became enraged for unknown reasons and threw her to the ground and dragged her to the door to throw her out. The victim sought assistance at a neighbor’s house and called police. 
  • On March 25th, two neighbors in an apartment building near 22nd & Jefferson got into a fight over noise or requests for cigarrettes/help with chores, depending on which party tells the tale. A fire extinguisher was used by one party to end the fight, creating a smokescreen in the hallway and requiring other residents to leave the building until it had dissipated.
  • A drunk man was assaulted by several others outside Waid’s nightclub on March 29th at around 2:30am
  • A man got off the bus at Yesler & Boren on March 17th at 2:00am and was walking north on 12th from Yesler when his path was blocked by two suspects. One asked him for money, and then demanded he hand over the contents of his backpack. One suspect then pushed the victim to the ground and hit him in the face, while the second grabbed his wallet from his back pocket. Both suspects ran off southbound. 
  • A female Washington Middle School student was beat up by a group of 3-4 female students from Madrona K-8 in front of WMS on 3/24. Potential suspects were identified by police, but couldn’t be located at their homes.

See Jonah’s recent story on that maps the robbery hotspots around Seattle.

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