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New butcher shop now open in Madison Valley

What a perfect situation for a gorgeous grilling-worthy spring day. We walked over to Madison Valley today to see how much longer it would be until the new Bill the Butcher shop opened up, and were pleased to see that they were already open and starting their second day.

They’re located right in the heart of the Madison Valley business district, just west of City People’s, and have a full line of fresh organic meats of every cut imaginable. We saw all sorts of steaks, ribs, lamb shanks, sausage, and pork. The butcher told us that all of their meat is grass fed and locally sourced, mostly from western Washington.

Beware that this is not cheap grocery store meat. We picked up two rib-eyes for later tonight and paid $25 total. Stay tuned for a full report on how they turn out.

Bill the Butcher is open noon to 7pm daily, at 2911 E. Madison. They’re also hiring for retail sales if anyone is looking for a neighborhood job.

Update: The steaks were superb! A bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and a perfect medium well rare grilling created the tastiest steaks we’ve ever had at CDNews World HQ. Highly recommended.

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  1. I was excited to see that Bill’s had opened as well. We bought beautiful steaks and pastrami. Both were excellent. I highly recommend this shop if you’re interested in quality meats and care about organic/local. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  2. I’m veggie and it was little weird going into a butcher shop, but I was on Madison this afternoon and checked it out. They have lots of great sauces, olive oils, pickles, lentils, etc. Definitely worth checking out.

  3. We’ve been waiting for this. A quality butcher serving quality, local, organic meats. I don’t eat a lot of red meat, but it has truthfully gotten to the point that when I do, I’m going to pay more for the healthfulness of that meat and the sustainability in how the cattle was raised. Local products = makes good sense. Next wish: A kickin’ bakery (and, no, cupcakes doesn’t count.)

  4. Yikes! Cooking was a perfect medium rare. Buzz from delicious meat apparently affects my writing

  5. I miss the fish store which was replaced by some sort of restaurant at about 27th and Madison. I used to buy all my fish there. I agree that a bakery would be lovely. Sadly the high end types are all we ever seem to get. I don’t want to sit down and pay $11 for a tiny crepe. I would, however, patronize a bakery with reasonably priced goods.

  6. I visited Bill the Butcher for the first time yesterday, and W@@@W!!!! what a great place. I have personally never seen dry aged meat before, and I took home the recommended rib-eye steak, and put it on the propane grill!! W@W!!!! Even with me cooking it, it tasted out of this world. Never even knew that a home broiled steak could taste sssoooooooo gooooooodddddd!! I love Bill the Butcher!!!!!!