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Rover’s Kitchen Sneak Peek

Bravo’s Top Chef (reality show featuring aspiring and young chefs) has an older sibling called Top Chef Masters (featuring established chefs).  This year, Masters includes three chefs originating from Seattle: Jerry Traunfeld of Poppy, Maria Hines of Tilth and Thierry Rautureau of Rover’s.  Rover’s is a high-end French restaurant located in Madison Valley.

Chef Rautureau may have been eliminated in the last episode of Top Chef Masters.  However, he was a good enough sport to show up to watch his performance at CD News Sponsor Bottleneck Lounge last Wednesday.  He continues being gracious by allowing Bravo access to the Rover’s kitchen.  In the video, he explains how he came by his “Chef in the Hat” moniker.

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  1. Luc should be open in about 2 weeks! We’re crossing our fingers and toes that we’ll be serving up tasty food for you by the end of the first week of May.

    Looking forward to seeing you in soon!