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Route 8 losing four stops near Yesler, Jackson, & Madison

The Seattle Transit Blog reports that the #8 bus route will be going through some stop consolidation to improve its travel time and operating cost:

Metro is putting another bus on a stop diet. Route 8 is the latest to see some stops removed, after routes 28, 7, 16, 48, and 120 have all had some stops removed in the last handful of years.

The 8 currently services 70 stops, but 18 of those will be removed which will increase the average stop spacing to about 1,080 feet from 940 feet.

“The projected travel time savings is one minute per direction,” said Linda Thielke, a spokeswoman for Metro. “The exact operating cost savings won’t be known until more detailed scheduling work is completed.”

We’ll be losing the following stops in the neighborhood (mapped at left):

  • 27th & E. Madison – Eastbound
  • 25th & E. Yesler – Eastbound
  • 25th & S. Jackson – Westbound
  • MLK & S. Jackson – Southbound

You have until April 30th to leave your comments with Metro on their website.

0 thoughts on “Route 8 losing four stops near Yesler, Jackson, & Madison

  1. Sounds good to me. I wish the 8 didn’t have to detour over to 23rd Avenue at all, since it already hooks up with the 48. Ah, well. At least it’ll be quicker.

  2. The #2 has two stops **on the same block** on 34th outbound. When I inquired, I got a form email saying thanks for letting them know. Now there are brand-new signs at both stops!

  3. I thought it was temporary, but unfortunately not. If they intended so it serves the Promenade 23 and the library than keep it on 23rd between Yesler and Mt. Baker Station. MLK area south of Jackson is already served by route 4. Metro likes to zig-zag its routes…
    Well, at least it will go a little faster with less stops…
    Metro is really slow to respond to demand huh? I just found out that they keep their route system in the Central Area almost identical to it’s first transit map of 1973. Route 4 terminates 3 blocks short of the Mount Baker Station, 8 has a detour via Promenade 23, absolutely no bus connection to the i-90 Flyer stop for the Eastside buses. Wouldn’t it make sense to have 8 to go under I-90 instead of MLK south of Jackson?? no? Then get rid of this detour, so it’s more directional… I don’t think Metro’s hearing aid works. I bet they have no clue, what I am talking about. Well, if they have a dysfunctional system, they are going to get dysfunctional riders. In fact it really shows, usually 50% of riders on the #8 and #4 are really obnoxious… Thank god CD got street parking and can drive!