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CDNews Police Scanner – 4/22

Happy Earth Day from Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. Was there anything on the scanner about a fight / mugging / something at or near 23rd & Jackson this afternoon? My son reported that his friend was mugged, and I’m trying to get confirmation. It could easily be (and likely is) that he’s telling me a tall tale, but I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt before he’s grounded for life.

  2. We were at a meeting and away from the scanner for a bit. Can you narrow down the time frame?

  3. At 3:04 there was a strong-arm robbery reported at 12th & jackson. Suspects described as five asian males, 15-16 years old, one wearing a mask.

  4. heard about this as well. was at 23rd and jackson at the time, but didn’t actually see it happen.

  5. There are plenty of altercations between Garfield and 23rd and Jackson that don’t end up on the scanner as no one calls the police. Lots of fights while I’m waiting at Starbucks every day.

  6. Even if someone does call the police, the police do not always broadcast their calls on the radio. Sometimes, they send them to the police officers’ computer displays by instant message. So, even if Scott did not hear the dispatch, the dispatch might have happened, anyway.

    If your son was the victim of a crime or a witness, you might want to call the police non-emergency number to see if there was a police report written about the incident.