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Neighborhood hikes: Arboretum in full bloom right now

It’s springtime, and still a little cold and breezy. But it’s still a good time to get out and stretch the legs a bit, and right now it’s hard to do it in a better place than the Arboretum. We hiked through it today and found that a huge number of the plants are in bloom, including big swaths of rhododendrons, azaleas, and fruit trees.

And it’s very accessible from most of the neighborhood. It’s about a 20 minute walk from Union, or you can hop on the #8 bus and get off at the first stop on Madison. Once you’re at the park, you can spend hours discovering new spots among the many winding trails.

Here’s some samples of what you can find:

0 thoughts on “Neighborhood hikes: Arboretum in full bloom right now

  1. take the 43/48 down to right before the bridge and the other entrance to the arboretum is right down the street past MOHAI if you want to start by the lake.

  2. if you would like the chance to actually go visit after work, you will be pretty much SOL if they build new onramps in the Arboretum when they rebuild the SR520 bridge. Basically, not much gets through down Madison now.

    Enjoy living vicariously by photo!