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Mobile BBQ visiting 23rd & Union twice a week for lunch

Twitterer @jesswhyte asked: “what’s the BBQ truck in the Key Bank parking lot? New food addition to 23rd & Union or temp location?”

An excellent question!  We wandered over and found out that it’s The General’s BBQ mobile truck, and they’ll be set up in the Key Bank parking lot on Wednesdays and Fridays each week for lunch.

The menu is attached at left, and features lunch specials with ribs, chicken, brisket, hotlinks, and includes sides for $7.95. Sadly we already had lunch and didn’t have room for a taste test, but it smelled good.

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  1. Those of us with really long memories might remember when The General’s BBQ was on Madison, in what is now the Planned Parenthood parking lot. It was in a 3 store mini-mall off the parking lot of a hardware/lumber store (Madison Hardware), Back then Planned Parenthood was in an old Albertson’s that was on the site where the Safeway now is.

  2. Wow! that goes waaaaay back :) I remember that huge parking lot off Madison with Planned Parenthood in the middle of the “shopping” area…I had totally forgotten the General’s was there on Madison. He had decent BBQ and sides for sure; too bad I’m not around mid-day for lunch (but I know some who are pretty excited to hear about this!)

  3. I used to cut through that huge parking lot as even back then you couldn’t turn left from 23rd to Madison. Pizza Hut was there too if I remember correctly.

  4. I think it moved from there to the SW corner of 24th and Union, across from Key Bank (now the expanded part of the post office parking lot)

  5. I ate there on my wedding day. I had the rib sandwich. FYI I am still married some 15 years later!

  6. How about a jazz or blues band on Friday afternoon in the lot to go along with it? Ok…probably a pipe dream but a little bbq sammy and some good blues on a nice Friday afternoon would make my week!

  7. the actual restaurant is on west valley highway, you take i5- to 405 then take 167 and take the 180th exit towards ikea, instead of going straight to ikea you take a left and go down about a half mile and its on the right just past the texaco

  8. That’s when there was a handy Lumber yard and tool rental place there on Madison. When that closed it meant going farther afield for supplies.