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Kid convicted of Tuba Man slaying now charged with robbery

Back in January we included a report of a kid who lost cash and a mp3 player in a robbery outside the Garfield Teen Life Center. Now our news partners at the Seattle Times are reporting that a suspect has been charged in that case, and it’s a kid who has already served time for the murder of Tuba Man:

According to charging papers filed last week, the teen approached another youth at the Garfield Teen Life Center in Central Seattle on Jan. 22 and asked him for $5.

The youth said he did not have $5 and walked into the center to have his picture taken for the center’s identification card, charging papers say.

While waiting to have his picture taken, the youth was again approached by the teen, along with a group of four other juveniles, prosecutors allege.

The teen and the other juveniles asked the youth for $5 and when he said he didn’t have it, the group checked his pockets and one said, “It feels like you have an iPod or something in your pocket,” according to the charging papers. The group then walked away.

After a few minutes, the victim went outside the teen center and was approached by the teen and the group, who surrounded him, the charging papers say.

One of them searched the youth’s pocket and took his mp3 player, prosecutors allege.

Prosecutors told the times that the suspect “would face another 15 to 36 weeks of detention” if convicted, but that whey will be seeking an exception sentence beyond that range.

0 thoughts on “Kid convicted of Tuba Man slaying now charged with robbery

  1. I guess the two most dangerous things you can do in this town are

    1. play your tuba
    2. water a traffic circle.

    Maybe giving this POS 3 months wasn’t such a smart idea?

  2. He literally got away with murder, and look at this. He is going to do well in life, and contribute a lot.

  3. great quotes from the Times article on Tuba Man:

    “….Gabrielle Pagano, a juvenile-probation counselor …. Pagano offered some praise for each of the teens and said none had a prior conviction.

    A defense attorney for one of the teens called his client’s actions that night “wholly uncharacteristic” and noted that he was dropped off at the dance by his mother and was later picked up by her….”

  4. I know that not everything is done democratically in this country.

    But, if I could vote on the topic, my vote would be to incarcerate all murderers and those involved with committing murder for the rest of their lives – regardless of their age. No parole, no free passes for minors.

    Am I the only one who feels this way?

  5. I would actually prefer the death penalty for these rats, but I would certainly vote in favor with you of life in prison if THAT were even possible in our current judicial system. This kid needs thrown away and the key lost.

  6. Isn’t there any supervision at the TLC? Aren’t there SPD officers assigned to Garfield?

  7. I review of an earlier article on the sentencing for the brutal murder of Tuba Man, I see where the first two assailants were given only 72 weeks of detention and the other teen only received a 36 week sentence. I understand that part of the leniency was based upon there not having been a criminal record, nor any documented previous criminal past.

    Now I am a person that beleives in rehabilitation, and in paying for your crime and starting afresh, but this murder and sad sentencing just did not appear adequate to the life loss, or to the brutality of the crime leading to that death. Now we have this person back on the street with what appears to be full forgiveness and a free pass to abuse and assaut with an assurance that a good lawyer will get this under-age assailant off with another possibly ineffectual sentence. I would like this assault to result in something more than a simple short stint in detention. No, I do not know what is needed, but I do beleive something more should have been done as a result of the murder, and if the punishment and rehab had been sufficient, that we would not be discussing this new offence by the same person. This current assault and robbery victim should not have been assaulted, should feel safe visiting typical teen sites in our neigborhoods, and that the rest of us should feel safe here as well. So, make the punishment sufficient to prevent similar crimes, and lets not feel sorry for this criminal.

  8. Notice the remarkable absence of sad, ultra left wing nut jobs, screaming their mantra, “But, they’re all victims”. It’s radio silence when reality sets in. Throw them back in the clink. They should have never been released.

  9. Are the Tuba Man killers not still on juvenile probation? One of the few good things about the juvie system is that probation can extend in to the offender’s 20’s, and quite a few strict stipulations can be put on the probationer including mandatory school or work training, banning from designated drug or prostitution areas, getting extensive anger management counseling (which is no small deal; if you misbehave they eject you from the sessions and you are subject to probation sanctions, i.e., jail time for not cooperating with anger man or other probation conditions).

  10. I read almost all articles on the CD news. I’m tired of these POS getting away with all thes crimes. Just because they are under 18 shouldn’t mean a lighter sentence. “Kids” these days know better. Killing a man and getting 3 months is so far beyond ridiculous it’s not even funny. Maybe if we crack the whip and quit messing around people will shape up. I mean shoot killing a man gets you less then 6 months, why not rob people. That will prob get you days!

  11. I’ll be damned if I’ll no longer feel safe in my own neighboorhood. If justice isn’t being served then it’s time we serve it. This piece of shit gets away with murder then robs people? Why not jump his bitch ass and see how he likes it? I’m more then in favor of the “eye for an eye” punishment. He hasn’t learned, then let’s beat this bastard to an inch of his shitty life.

  12. Cops can’t be everywhere at once, and even if they could, people would complain about too many police in the area or “police state” or “occupation zone” or whatever else.

    There are those that take care of themselves and their personal safety, and those that abdicate their responsibility and hope that someone else will do it for them.

  13. So right, start assignment cops to Garfield and everyone will start screaming about police oppression.

    You just can’t win sometimes.