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An open letter to the thief who stole my porch lights

Tonight I came home to find my ten solar-powered sidewalk lights had disappeared. Sadly I’m not surprised – I knew when I installed the lights there was a chance some selfish person would grap them for their own – but I am very disappointed. It’s not so much the dollar value as they are easily replaceable, it’s the whole idea that someone is walking down the street, spots my lights and thinks “hey those are cool, I think I’ll take them for my home.” And given that you have to walk up a set of stairs to get to the lights, there was purpose involved, not just some snatch and go.

0 thoughts on “An open letter to the thief who stole my porch lights

  1. I feel almost the same way about the person who swiped the globe from the Twilight Exit earlier this week. Hopefully karma will give them a full serving of…

  2. Sorry to hear about your thief. Maybe the same scumbag that stole two outdoor extension cords from my yard? I hope Karma kicks all their sorry butts. Hang in there and invest in a motion sensor light with very bright light to make them think twice.

  3. They must have a nice-looking yard by now, if they’re the same people that stole our electric lawnmower a while back. :P

  4. Not just a nice yard a Landscape Co. they got my lawn mower and weed wacker, one from the back of the house the other infront.

  5. must be why they stole my walkway lights, to show-off their newly groomed lawn :-O