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Tonight: Youth and Family Initiative meeting

Tonight is the last of Mayor McGinn’s town halls to gather ideas and comments on his upcoming Youth and Family Initiative. And conveniently enough, it’s being held right in the middle of our neighborhood, at the Garfield Community Center.

The previous events have reportedly been well-attended and productive. And if you can’t make it, CDNews be there to give you a full report on what happens.

It starts at 7pm, at 2323 E. Cherry St. See you there.

0 thoughts on “Tonight: Youth and Family Initiative meeting

  1. My concern is that the recently elected mayor is just a facilitator. The meetings are fine but just a start. After every meeting, he should implement one action item the following week. Pilot programs can start now – what is he waiting for? I thought he heavily campaigned in the South end, surely he already has a sense of the issues we are dealing with. I challenge him to live/work in the Central district or South Seattle for at least 3 months. He has no idea about these areas of town and just holding a meeting here will not “stick to his priorities.”

  2. Another useless talk shop that always boils down to the same thing: give us more of other people’s money.

    Will they have a family initiative that addresses parental responsibility?

  3. “Pilot programs can start now”

    Yes, we need more proagms. Apparently all the ones we’ve had so far haven’t worked. Give us more money.