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No gas for you at 23rd & Cherry

We just saw that the gas pumps at the 23rd & Cherry AM/PM are taped off, and the cashier tells us its due to a flaky new computer system.

They got the new computer installed last week, and it’s been giving them a weeks-worth of problems, including today’s total shutdown. A technician was being called but they weren’t sure when it would be fixed.

Your alternatives:

  • Metro
  • The Shell station at 12th & Cherry
  • The ’76 station at 23rd & Union

0 thoughts on “No gas for you at 23rd & Cherry

  1. AM-PM at 12th & Jefferson typically has same prices as the 23rd & Cherry one. Machines by the pumps don’t take cash. Seems to lack some of the ambience of the 23rd/Cherry location.
    (but maybe they have the same new computer system?)

    Shell at 12th/Cherry significantly more expensive. Yes, as a cyclist I shouldn’t know that much about gas prices. In its favor, the Shell station has let me pump up my bike tire for free!

  2. That’s OK that it is closed! Arco gas is what causes rusted out exhaust systems, corroded fuel injector tips and carbon build up. It’s the worst gasoline available….Have you ever wonderdered just why it is so cheap?? Higher water content!!! So the gasoline, while cheaper, provides lower octane and therefor fewer miles per gallon. Yes folks, it’s true. Plus you end up replace exhaust systems much more frequently.