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Neighborhood Character: Bust on 22nd

Out in the suburbs, housing association rules would probably prevent something like this from happening. I’m glad we live in a neighborhood where people put interesting works of art along the sidewalk.

0 thoughts on “Neighborhood Character: Bust on 22nd

  1. I’ve walked by this bust for years and live down the street but have no clue who it’s a bust of. Anyone know?

  2. I have not seen it in person, or from all angles, but it looks like a modern interpretation of Lincoln to me….I also like it very much.

  3. The non-Lincolesque hair makes me think more of an early Native American than Lincoln but very interesting how much the profile looks like Lincoln. I have never seen it in person.

  4. We live at the house in question, and the bust is by a friend of ours, local sculptor David Jacobson, who specializes in what he likes to call “Big Head” sculpture. This head of Beckett was done as a prototype when he was bidding for the King County library (Redmond Branch) gargoyle project, which he subsequently got. The library has busts of four authors as working gargoyles mounted on its roof corners (the authors being Joyce Carol Oates, Raymond Carver, Toni Morrison, and Saul Bellow). David just chose people he thought had interesting faces. When we asked him if we could install Beckett on the wall, he advised us not to, as he didn’t think anyone would like it (!) Beckett often gets mistaken for Lincoln; they do look a lot alike. If anyone out there needs a sculpture of a Big Head, you now know where to go. (We’re trying to convince everyone on our block to join in).

  5. I live down the street on 22nd, and love walking by this sculpture. Agreed with Scott this is the reason to live in NOT the suburbs!

    Hermann, your bid to get the entire block seems closer with the – I think – Thai Budda some houses down. Scott, you should put a pic of that too.