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if you have a dog PLEASE please PLEASE make sure they don’t spend an insane amount of the day barking their heads off. things in this area are audible for many blocks’ radius and it can be just unbearable hearing the same dogs, every day, multiple times per day. it’s entirely ridiculous. muzzle them, or train them.

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  1. These sounds carry just as far and are completely out of neighbor’s control. In fact, dogs tend to bark at loud music, gunning engines, groups of kids hanging around on the sidewalks, etc. If you have a problem with a certain dog or dogs, talk to their owners, who might not be aware of the issue if they are not home during the day.

  2. If talking to the owners, repeatedly, doesn’t work, then you should know:
    Oral complaints and on-line complaints to animal control do little or nothing. You need to print out the written complaint form from the animal control web site, make a log, fill out the complaint form, and have neighbors sign on too. Then you get results from the City.

  3. is not a healthy dog. Probably needs more exercise. Let it run once a day. Hire a dog walker if necessary.

  4. I 1000% agree with Sean, an endlessly barking dog is NOT healthY! we’ve tried talking to the neigbor on our side (29th & Marion), they get defensive as if we hate animals or something!Just walk the animal more often, not rocket science!

  5. Please send a quick email in support of this bill. It will help with the noise and treatment of animals.

    The Representatives supporting the bill are

    Tom Campbell (Pierce County area Mount Rainier)

    Marallyn Chase (North King and South Snohomish counties and into Kenmore)

    Sherry Appleton (Kitsap)

    The Reps. in our district are:
    Senator Adam Kline
    Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos
    Position 1, Democrat
    Representative Eric Pettigrew
    Position 2, Democrat

  6. This bill would be good for animals. But as far as barking? Not so much. An untethered dog enclosed in a yard all day also can bark. I agree with Sean (below) – give the animal more exercise.

  7. what are the odds that the person with those dogs are reading this column?

    now, if we can get those train whistles to stop blowing at 3 a.m. downtown – i can hear them all the way here on 23rd.