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Beloved butcher shop expanding to Madison Valley

Via a tweet from our friends at The Bottleneck, Seattle Metropolitan is reporting that Bill the Butcher is opening their fourth store in Madison Valley in April:

If you haven’t been to BtB yet, prepare yourself. You are in for some beautiful grassfed meats and housemade sausages. Each location caters to the neighborhood it serves, and if you ask for it (you want goat? you want goose?) they’ll find out how to get it for you. Stores are staffed by a head butcher with a culinary background, and, in addition to meats, stock local sundries like scavenger chicken eggs, Boat Street Pickles, and milk and cream from Golden Glen creamery.

We were talking with another business owner last week about how great it would be if we a small collection that included a neighborhood butcher, a bakery, a green grocer. With BtB opening, we just need to work on the latter two options.

0 thoughts on “Beloved butcher shop expanding to Madison Valley

  1. It’s where Plum used to be, just past Cafe Flora–they have a liquor permit app. up in the window right now, so apparently they’ll be able to sell wine/beer to go with whatever meat they sell you. I can’t wait–I finally am getting a new grill just because this shop is opening up.

  2. It’s been so damn sad to see real butchers disappear in this town! I’m very excited about this news. :O) It’ll be so nice to find cuts of meat the big grocers don’t bother stocking anymore!

  3. Essential is so ridiculously overpriced I wont go there.

    I miss the fish store we used to have on Madison.

  4. This is great! Welcome to our neighborhood! I look forward to supporting your business.

  5. yeah but who wants cheap meat, anyhow? I want quality and am willing to pay for it. Can’t wait for our new neighbor!

  6. Plum closed. So did the Swedish Antique Place. (I think they were the same people?) They moved back to Sweden, according to a sign on the door.