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Your Weekend Movie: Blues Brothers (plus theater too)

A few notes for your weekend entertainment:

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  1. Sunday nights at 5 or 6 would be great. Go get pizza, watch a movie, still be home in time for bed.

  2. Hello,
    Columbia city movie house is showing Monsters, Inc tomorrow morning at 10:30am for the kiddies. $5 donation (i think).

  3. Team USA plays Canada on Sunday at noon and we’re opening The BottleNeck lounge early in order to catch the Gold Medal Game. Just wanted folks to know – this will be a huge game and we intend to enjoy every moment. Doors at 11:30 – Match at noon.

  4. These theatre listings are woefully incomplete. What about Trout Stanley at Balagan Theater @ 12th & Pike? They have a show currently running which was favorably reviewed on The SunBreak and The Stranger…