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East Precinct Crime Prevention Wrapup – Issues get results

If there was one lesson at last night’s EPCPC meeting, it’s that it can get results. It’s the one opportunity neighbors have to talk directly to police leadership, telling them where resources should be applied.

A big crowd attended last month and people made specific reports about crime problems in their part of the neighborhood. This month several of them returned and reported positive progress:

  • 14th & Remington – Described by a resident as “little Beirut” last month, he said he is now “extremely impressed” with SPD’s efforts, and that it’s now a much quieter area thanks to the help of SPD and Seattle U
  • 12th & Jackson – A resident there who was having problems with the Operation Nightwatch homeless services says that things are now much better due to the Community Police Team’s assistance
  • 22nd & Union – Issues with illegal parking for users of the gym there have been getting more attention from Parking Enforcement, reducing the impact

So if you’ve got issues around you, make time to go next month and tell SPD what’s going on.

Here’s the other news from the meeting:

  • Burglaries are getting better, with several major offenders arrested and now in jail. SPD has been working with prosecutors and judges to highlight specific cases and try to reduce the catch/release cycle of repeat offenders
  • No arrests or additional information on the roving band of muggers/assaulters/property-destroyers
  • On the 24th & Yesler rape from earlier in the year, the sketch is out there, but no arrests have been made
  • There was a good presentation from a member of SPD’s Crisis Intervention Team which is trained to handle and defuse incidents that involve mental illness. The big takeaway: if you’ve got an issue with someone who needs mental health assistance, make that clear when you’re calling 911 or otherwise engaging police, and they can request a CIT trained officer to help out
  • Drug activity is up around 21st & Union, after having gone away for a while thanks to the Drug Market Initiative
  • Nickelsville is viewed by a resident as a positive addition to 25th & King, as they’re going out on regular patrols for trash and helping to keep eyes on the street. Other neighbors are encouraged to stop by and get to know them better.
  • We’re still sharing Crime Prevention Coordinators from 3 other precincts. They can help you set up blockwatches or meet with residents about how to prevent crime. See the East Precinct website for contact information

0 thoughts on “East Precinct Crime Prevention Wrapup – Issues get results

  1. I didn’t see anything about that in the write up for last month’s meeting. What gym are they talking about?

  2. It has been quiet since this summer in front of the mini mart but in the last few weeks there have been a few people taking the well worn path between the market and the blue house. It is nice to know the police are aware and working on it. The police response to the new activity has been pretty swift.

  3. I’m a supporter of Nicklesville being in my neighborhood but I think these tales of litter-pickup are apocryphal. The amount of trash around my house has only increased (and noticeably) since they moved in.