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Davis-Bell found guilty on all counts in Phillys murder

Rey Alberto Davis-Bell was found guilty on all counts, including first-degree murder for the 2008 murder of Degene “Safie” Dashasa at the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Shop at 23rd and Union. The decision came just two days of deliberations.

He now faces a sentence of at least one hundred years in prison. This was not a capital murder case, so the death penalty is not an option. Sentencing will come in a separate hearing in a few weeks.

Dashasa’s cousin told us after the verdict that she was glad justice was done, and that she hoped he would have many years to sit in jail and consider his actions.

Davis-Bell’s attorney, Peter Geisness, said he disagreed with the jury but respected their decision. In particular, he thought that they didn’t properly consider defense evidence of video footage and witness estimates that showed an average-height suspect, ruling out Davis-Bell based on his short stature.

Davis-Bell’s Grandmother and Aunt were present in the courtroom as the verdict was read, and left the courtroom in tears after their relative was led out to the hallway in handcuffs.

Update: More from our friends at The Seattle Times:

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  1. What an incredible person, and a very fine man Mr. Degene “Safie” Dashasa was. Though the loss of his community support and outreach will be great, I know this can not compare to the loss to his family and extended family. His loss will be felt for many years, and I know our community extends our condolences to his loved ones.

  2. Since day one the papers have been sayin – “It’s unclear why Davis-Bell killed Dashasa at Philadelphia Cheese Steak.”

    Did the ballistics from the ex gf’s house match up with the victims? I’m surprised thats not even mentioned in the article. Did Yo Lee identify Bell?

    “Police and prosecutors say that on Jan. 30, 2008, Davis-Bell shot at Scott’s apartment and then drove to Philadelphia Cheese Steak, 23rd Avenue and East Union Street, went inside and asked for Safie.”

    Why did he drive all the way to the CD and ask for Safie?

    Very strange

  3. Hendrixfan: I read several times that Davis-Bell had been asked to leave Philly’s by Safie b/c of suspected drug dealing. So he was ticked. That is all the motivation you need if you have a mind like his. And David: Agree 100% with both your posts.

  4. I appreciate that you find merit in both my comments ( i am “David” ) as well as in those of “Daved”.

  5. Kathleen: ” That is all the motivation you need if you have a mind like his.” That’s out of pocket, do you have an inkling of knowledge to what goes/went on in his mind? If not, why comment on what we don’t know.
    David: Have you ever met this individual? If not, how can you call him a POS? Please don’t tell me yr basing yr whole comment on him to the word of 12 individuals….cause I’m sure I can find 12 men who could say that about you or anyone for that matter.