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Weapons Call

All the Wednesday excitement from Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. This is likely the woman who is living in her car on this street. Does anyone know how to officially “move along” someone who is living in their car on a residential street? We are concerned about sanitation…

  2. Yeah, this was my thought exactly. We live nearby too and after the past week or two have happened upon that car multiple times. Is the one you’re talking about a black small sedan with no windows to speak of all wrapped up in plastic?

  3. The one with the sheet I always see on my walks in that area is a silver-ish sedan with a missing rear bumper. (I actually saw it driving, erratically, the other day…)

  4. That’s the one. At first I thought it was just an abandoned car. Then I remembered seeing the same woman hanging around the church a bunch. I again thought she was just a church member or something. I just to put it all together after I remembered I got honked at Monday passing by it. It gave me quite a scare!

  5. I’ve mostly walked by the car in the evenings so I might be mistaken about the color of the car. Regardless, my question stands: how to move her along? Is it illegal to live in your car in the middle of a residential area?

  6. 1:37PM – 1600 E. Olive – Disturbance – One client pushed another off a chair while in an anger management class. Can he still pass the class?

    That’s the address of a mental health facility, isn’t it?

  7. Are the tabs expired? If so, call that in. She likely doesn’t have insurance. If she’s operating the car without insurance, she’ll go to jail and it will be impounded if it sits for 72 hours.

  8. 1600 East Olive is Sound Mental Health, which deals with everyone from Downs Syndrome people to Schizophrenics. I’m not sure the post is that funny, in light of that but hey, maybe that’s just me.