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Assault overnight at 12th & Marion – suspect arrested

Via an email forwarded from our deep-throat source inside Seattle U:

At approximately 3 AM, Thursday, February 25th a student reported to SU Department of Public Safety a simple assault incident, in which a suspect was arrested by SPD officers.  The student reported he had parked his vehicle on the east side of 12th avenue, mid-block between E. Spring and E. Marion around 11:25 PM. The student described three males, in their early 20’s, walking south bound, were yelling among themselves. The three males then approached the student and one suddenly struck him on the head and all three ran away. Seattle Police responded and searched the area. A suspect was identified and taken into custody at 14th & E. Jefferson. SU Department of Public Safety is reporting this information in order to inform members of our community of concerns that may impact the safety and well-being of our campus. 

A good lesson here: the quicker you call 911 after witnessing or being victim of a crime, the better chance that the perp will be picked up.

0 thoughts on “Assault overnight at 12th & Marion – suspect arrested

  1. And a reminder to get back in your car if you’re being approached late at night in a high crime area by disruptive people.

  2. And a reminder to be able to defend yourself. Cops wont help you when it’s 3 to 1. Smith and Wesson will.

  3. And a reminder that if you arrived at your location at 11:25pm, and returned to the vehicle at 3am, you’re probably too drunk to drive anyway.

  4. Or maybe studying late. I’ll put my bets that the college student is the one I’d rather have as a neighbor than the marauding gangs we have in the CD.

  5. Considering the location of the attack, I would be more apt to suspect that this victim was a student out studying late ( early ), or perhaps just visiting family and friends on a Wednesday night. I see no reason for the attack, and wonder if this ( or any of the other resent similar assualts ) might warrent review as possible HATE crimes?

  6. my daughter is a junior at SU. I worry about her safety all the time. She lives in student housing and will walk in a group at night. I am always reminding her about the dangers of this (and other) neighborhoods. The increase in assaults has me so worried about her safety and the safety of others visiting this area.

  7. I went to SU and loved it. It was a life changing, fantastic experience. If you can afford it and she drives, buy her a parking pass on campus. Parking on 12th and walking late at night is dicey. The campus itself is pretty safe. It’s the side streets that are nasty.

  8. My daughter LOVES SU. I have been buying her a parking pass since she started class at the school. Its a bit pricey, but worth it in the long run. Now, i just worry when she drives home to us, in the south end. :) She has really been exposed to a lot of nice experiences at SU. She loves it, and is looking at grad school next year. Something i thought she would never do :)