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New President of Garfield Community

Hello Neighbors,

My name is Brian Jones and I wanted to say an official “hello” to the rest of my neighbors whom I haven’t met yet. I am the new President of Garfield Community and with the help from Marcia Scheckler (the newly elected Secretary, and former President) we have set up an ambitious agenda for this year, which is continuing to be refined.

The first thing I would like to do is call a meeting of all the Block Watch Captains to assess our block watch situation. In the recent months of criminal activity this must be a priority. We need to establish a way of communicating and strengthening our structure, so that we can create a crime free neighborhood. It truly takes the participation of the whole neighborhood on some level to maintain safety.

The meeting will take place two weeks from today at 6pm on March 10th. The address is 119 24th Avenue, Brook Stanford’s. Please contact me with any questions/concerns/comments at [email protected].

Thank you all for your time and cannot wait to meet you and get to work! Take care.



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  1. and thanks for the fine post here. We had a Cherry St-area volunteer at the Union St cleanup last weekend. She wants to organize a cleanup for Cherry St. One resource I pointed her towards is Garfield Community. Now she can find you. I look forward to meeting you and doing events with Union & Cherry together.

  2. As block captain on 22nd Avenue, Yesler to Jefferson, for more than 20 years, I’d love to attend, but I teach night classes M-Tu-W, so I can’t attend your meeting. Another time perhaps?–Kris