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Urban Hikes: Seattle U Fountain

It’s supposed to be a lovely weekend, with sun and highs in the 70s-80s. So after you help out with the work parties, how about a relaxing urban hike?

I’m surprised how many people I talk to have never walked around the Seattle U campus. It’s open to everyone, and there’s several really nice spots.

Here’s one, the campus quandrangle & fountain, created in 1989 to honor the centennial of the institution.

It’s quiet, green, and scenic on the weekends. A perfect place to take a book and soak in the last bits of summer.

To get there, head east to 12th & Madison. Walk westbound on Marion two blocks, and look left.

Here’s some other spots to check out while you’re in the area:

Here’s a full list of 12th Ave area businesses

0 thoughts on “Urban Hikes: Seattle U Fountain

  1. I agree! I’ve used SU as a destination or midpoint for walks. Cisco used to be the head gardener and was responsible for going organic, I believe. It’s a beautiful and serene campus. Lots of ideas for gardeners. The chapel is architecturally renowned and open for visitors to sit and pause or just take a look. The fountain/water feature outside the chapel is lovely.

  2. There have sometimes been some nice concerts at the chapel, open to the public – not sure if they still have them or not. Probably only during the regular school year. The music and the beauty of the chapel complement each other beautifully.