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Harborview shuttle: now with less neighborhood impact

MichelleK posted a story back in January about a Harborview employee shuttle that was affecting the block where she works, with the hospital using it as a park-and-ride for employees who live out of the neighborhood.

We’ve learned from Squire Park board member Bill Zosel that the community group believed that the shuttle use was contrary to the goals of the HMC Transportation Management Plan. The group sent a letter to HMC earlier in the summer, pointing out the negative impacts of the shuttle use and asking that it stop. 

Although Squire Park never heard back from HMC, it appeared to have an effect. In the August 31st edition of the HCM newsletter, executive director Eileen Whalen says that:

The escort service is no longer available to off-campus parking areas because, as a major institution, we are held responsible by the city to mitigate any adverse impacts on our neighborhood. In this case, we are responding to complaints about taking up limited street parking when employees park in the neighborhood during work shifts.

Staff who currently park near Harborview should be considerate of our neighbors and are encouraged to take public transportation and our shuttles to Harborview. Another option is to park in a Harborview garage. In contrast to past years, we now have ample capacity.

The newsletter (attached at left) also points out that shuttle system still serves the ferry terminal and downtown light rail stations, giving employees an easy way to connect between transit and the hospital. Perhaps further proof that we should let the big First Hill institutions manage their own transportation, and design the streetcar to support residents and small businesses.

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  1. As I recall, Group Health used to offer shuttle service from cars parked around Capitol Hill to its campus. I believe they desisted under similar circumstances. The RPZ centered around Group Health also helped, I suspect.