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Update on Gang Drug Busts – All But 1 Out of Jail

Last month we broke the news of a coordinated police effort that resulted in the arrest of a number of alleged members Central District gangs for low-level drug offenses. Those cases are now working their way through the legal system. Here’s an update on each:

Kevin F. Coleman, Jr. – Pleaded not-guilty. His next court hearing is 9/9 which should result in a date for trial. He was released from jail on July 28th on a $15,000 bond.

Ryan Grant – Pleaded not-guilty, going to trial in drug court on 9/3. He was released from jail on July 28th on a $1,250 bond.

Joseph A. Counts – Pleaded not-guilty, trial date not set. He remains in custody in the King County Jail.

Edmond J. Cummings – Pleaded not-guilty, going to trial in drug court on 9/10. Released on personal recognizance on 7/31.

Kevin R. Brown – Went to drug court on 8/13, was assigned 48 hours of community service through “Helping Hands”

Joseph Gilmore – Pleaded not-guilty and was assigned to drug court on 8/13, however we can’t find any records of his appearance there.

Marqwez Stone – Pleaded not-guilty, trial date not yet set. He was released without bail the day after his arrest on 7/22.

0 thoughts on “Update on Gang Drug Busts – All But 1 Out of Jail

  1. I see in the previous post you were only able to get a photo of Kevin Coleman. Are there more pictures available now? Thanks, Scott.

  2. No – only Coleman’s photo was available from the state Department of Corrections. The others are too young to have a history with that department, and that is the only place where booking photos are currently available.

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  7. I’m surprised they are out so soon. Did going to jail work? Will they stop dealing/using drugs in our neighborhood?

    Can I stop worrying about my kid’s safety now?

    If yes – hooray!!!

    If no – now what are we supposed to do?

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