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Today: Ice Cream & Land Use In the ‘Hood

The long-neglected amphitheater at Blanche Lavizzo park is suddenly getting a lot of use. The festive live music of this past Saturday is transitioning to the civic excitement of a city council land use meeting today, as Councilmember Sally Clark brings her Planning, Land Use, & Neighborhoods committee out to discuss changes to the city’s development policies for Midrise and Highrise zones.

And as dan.nolte told us last week, your bonus for attending is free ice cream (* purchased by Sally Clark’s personal fund).

There’s some disagreement as to whether this was the proper location for such a meeting since we don’t really have any midrise or highrise zoning in the neighborhood. But it’s still a good chance to get out and hear what the council is planning for dense developments around the city. And if you’ve got something to say about local development, I’m sure they’ll take public comments too.

Ice Cream starts at 5pm, and the real meeting will go from 5:30 to 6:30.

Blanche Lavizzo Park is in the valley behind the Odessa Brown health care center, just southwest of 22nd & Yesler.

0 thoughts on “Today: Ice Cream & Land Use In the ‘Hood

  1. I had asked Clark’s office to schedule a meeting here in the ‘hood re townhouses, but since they’ve deferred that work now until September we were stuck with the backfill. It was a markedly empty PLUNC agenda. And as Scott points out, one not wholly relevant to the CD.

    But locational criteria language favors lowrise zones to perhaps be upzoned to midrise, so we should keep an eye out….