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Time to Mail (or drop off) Your Primary Ballot

It’s probably sitting on your kitchen counter or in that growing pile of unopened mail in your office. But it’s time to get to it and put your primary ballot in the mail.

You’re probably thinking “it’s just a primary election”. But it’s your only chance to make sure you’ll have two good options to choose from in each local race in November. And they are important races like Mayor, City Council, and for the school board.

Don’t have a stamp? There’s a handy ballot drop-off at the Neighborhood Service Center in the Promenade shopping center at 2301 S. Jackson. And the drop-off is on the outside, so you should be able to do it at any hour.

Here’s some links to our and other’s election coverage to help you make up your mind:

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  1. Below are reliable sources of information on the School Board Candidates: Seattle’s Child also covered the race:

    CPPS Candidate questionnaire:

    Mary Bass, Joanna Cullen, and Andre Helmstetter did not make a mistake (oops) about their educational credentials. Kay Smith-Blum did in both the voter’s pamphlet and on her website. KUOW was the first to report it.

  2. I really goofed up my ballot: I forgot to take off the receipt, and then I forgot to put the ballot envelope in the mailing envelope, and had to pull it open. It closed back up, but looks like hell. Do you think they’ll accept it?

  3. I almost forgot to remove my ballot receipt, too, so I’m curious if any personally identifiable information is on that thing…