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New restaurant to replace MezzaLuna?

Does anyone have the scoop on the new restaurant that’s suposed to replace MezzaLuna on 26th and Judkins? I saw a sign outside the shuttered storefront this morning advertising a kabob (Mediteranean?) restaurant.

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  1. That’s all I know. Hope that means yummy kabobs, hummus plates, and perfect falafel… yum.
    Please please be open for lattes in the morning!

  2. Has anyone tried the new African/Mediterranean place on 26th & Jackson (former site of Hidmo and then the BBQ place)? I walked by today and they have new menus up adverstising falafel, gyros, etc.

  3. I liked mezza luna, but they were never open when I was off work :(
    I wish we had more places to go in the evening and late evening. I miss having late night coffee shops, its the only thing I miss from ca…

  4. Yes.

    I have been only once, which is surprising as this is my favorite food group right up there with beer.

    1. Chicken Kabob: Delicious flavor, juicy.
    2. Hummus: Generous serving but nothing special, pita bread fine
    3. Salad: Not nice
    4. Price: Fair to Higher than I thought it should be…I guess if the salad was tasty, maybe I’d be ok with it. I guess it was more than I wanted to spend for lunch on the particular day I went.

    All in all, the food I had was just ok. The menu looks interesting and is broader than typical kabob house and I do need to go back and try some other stuff.

    5. Service: It’s just the owner in there. He was SUPER FRIENDLY. It took longer than I thought it might, but I was tired that day and wanted it to go and felt like I waited and waited and waited…it could be I would not have felt that way on other days or if I had a paper to read while waiting.

    6. Atmosphere: THIS RESTAURANT IS HUGE and the space has potential, but BOY HOWDY, they need to do something to open it up. The guy is afraid to take the bars of the windows due to “all the crackheads”, but he needs to: can’t see in, can’t see out and the colors don’t say, “Warm, summer days in the Middle East near the beach”, but something more like, “Prison for Crimes Against the State” etc. It has some bad mojo in there.

    Recommendation: GO TRY IT for yourself!

  5. I have no idea. I absolutely love hanging out in cafes at night.
    Board game nights where the cafe is filled to the brim with different people all coming to play oard games and card games, laugh up a storm and get over caffinated.
    Live music, or poetry events….. just hanging out.
    Its literally the only thing I miss about CA. I wish we did have a late night cafe, I keep looking for one.

  6. there are lots of late night coffee shops, but they’re all located over on cap hill. We don’t have any over here in the CD. too bad. :(

  7. there’s Watertown on 12th/Jefferson — open until 9pm or 11pm (i can’t remember now). not only do they have great coffee, it’s a full bar now too (but with a low key cafe feel).