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Domestic Violence Stabbing at Waid’s

The SPD blotter says that the assault last night at Waid’s near 12th & Jefferson was a result of domestic violence and self-defense using a “legal knife”:

On July 31st at 8:37 p.m. the female victim was sitting inside a bar when the male suspect (known to her from a previous dating relationship) approached her. The suspect began harassing and threatening her. The victim changed seats in an effort to stay away from the suspect, but he continued harassing her. At one point, the victim armed herself with a legal knife and held it by her side. The suspect continued to harass the victim and then attempted to punch her. The victim raised her knife hand to block the punch and defend herself and subsequently struck the suspect in the neck with the knife. The suspect then chased the victim outside; she ran into a nearby establishment where the employees closed and locked the door. The suspect banged on the door until it started coming apart.

They also found crack on the male suspect when he was being treated at Harborview, so he’ll get to spend some time in the King County Jail once his injuries heal.

0 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Stabbing at Waid’s

  1. Yeah, it’s always super hilarious whenever crack contributes to somebody getting threatened, attacked, stabbed or chased.

  2. It’s also super hilarious when someone refers to a black man as a monkey. It’s even more hilarious when you “report abuse” on this site but the comment stays up while others are quickly removed. Thanks johhny bravo and thanks Scott!

  3. I’m glad she defended herself, its horrible that it happened anywhere in our nieghborhood, (especially at waid’s) I hope the young woman is ok (dont care much about the guy…sorry to say).

    I dont approve of the crack monkey comment.
    I hate crack, I hate what it does to anyone who uses it… but I also hate any statements that are discriminatory. Why is it that only one part of this story is being commented on? how about the fact that this woman had to defend herself and run??? Why did no one present step up when she moved away?
    Or how about how terrifing it must have been to be inside with this guy banging on the door until it started “coming apart”.

    its normal to find humor in painful situations, often it is a way of dealing with pain, but this isnt a joke, it isnt time to bring out any fights on race, or nasty comments. Seriously guys.

  4. Maybe someone will finish the job on this guy.

    Also nobody in Waid’s could break up a fight where a guy is getting violent with a woman, one of their customers?