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CDNews Police Scanner – 8/27

Your daily (usually) chronicle of the police beat in Seattle’s East Precinct:

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0 thoughts on “CDNews Police Scanner – 8/27

  1. Anybody know why there was a chopper circling over east Capitol Hill around 4:15 am this morning?

  2. Another scanner research request – I heard report of a robbery at the Red Apple between 8 & 9am. Any chance you have an update from the scanner?

  3. I was awakened at 3:35 this morning by what sounded like a muted patrol car siren near 23rd and E Pine. Nothing on incident report. It could have been an ambulance.

  4. We have a hole in our coverage between 8:45 and 9am, but I didn’t find anything before that time. Will ask around to try and find out more

  5. I HATE my neighbors. They live in a dope dealing crack house on the corner. The rest of my block is wonderful…I wish they would just move. The Police come and sit all the time, to the point I wave when I see them because I am happy they are there. It was just last week I saw a transaction between a “dopeman” and two women in their fancy Lexus, yes right in front of my house buying cocaine…