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Adey Abeba review

Being vegetarian, Ethiopian is one of the friendliest ethnic cuisines for us to enjoy. We are longtime fans of Queen Sheba, but having heard good things about Adey Abeba, we decided to give this walkable restaurant a try yesterday.  Adey Abeba has nice curb appeal, and the inside has a cheery coat of light yellow paint.  Ethiopian art bedecks the walls and ivory cotton curtains with a subtle print drape windows left open to a gorgeous evening yesterday.  The restaurant gets its name from an Ethiopian flower, the Meskel Daisy.  Staples of a family-run ethnic restaurant abound at Adey Abeba: silk flowers, television tuned to Wheel of Fortune and occasional confusion during guest-host exchanges.  We each had a “Vegi Combination” ($10) served in the same platter which consisted of split peas sauce, red lentil hot sauce, shiro wot (ground peas spiced with berbere, seasoned with onions, garlic, and ginger), cabbage, salad and collard greens.  We did not spy alcohol on the menu, but when we inquired about beer and wine, we were told that St. George beer ($3 per bottle!) was available.  Unfortunately, they were out of Tej (honey wine).  Adey Abeba’s “Vegi” plate is as flavorful as Queen Sheba’s but has more variety in terms of the types of stews served.  We will definitely return – perhaps to try their breakfast offering.  

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  1. Some neighbors and I have had dinner here quite a few times, and we are enthusiastic about it! We usually choose the vegie combination also.

    Do you know what hours they are open for breakfast? The web site attached to this story gives only the times for lunch and dinner.

  2. That veggie combo looks great. I’m a fan of Meskel at 26th & Cherry, but perhaps I’ll branch out… Thanks for the review!

  3. just called them – seems they will make the breakfast menu available whenever they’re open

  4. Some of the best smells come from here when waiting for the food. And there might be communication problems a little bit, but they are very friendly.

    Props as well to Assimba over on MLK & Cherry. They have subtle differences, but both great food.

  5. A neighbor and I went there today, a little after noon, to try their breakfast. The restaurant is closed today – no explanation. Hope there’s nothing wrong.

  6. I heard that the restaurant opened later than usual today. Maybe calling ahead is a good strategy.

  7. Our neighbor had birthday party there, and it was great. I would guess there were 25 people and it was comfortable. The food was plentiful, tasty and served buffet style. There was beer and wine served from the little bar area, and we had a great time. The owners are very friendly. I have no idea of the cost of the event, but our neighbors thought it was “very reasonable”. I would definately consider them if I were planning a party.