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Snatch and run on S Jackson Street and 25th Ave South

Was selling my old Iphone after I upgraded and met a couple at the Starbucks on 23rd and S Jackson street to show it to them around 7:30 PM tonight (July 14th).  While walking back to my house a few blocks away a man walking behind us was walking faster than us and I moved to the right to give him room – I am about half speed with the torn ligament and knee brace I was wearing from a basketball injury I recieved a week ago.


He was able to snatch the Iphone box out of my hand as he said “give me that” and run away while I watched.  I am not exactly angry but more shocked that someone would do that to someone who looks like I do.  Thirty seconds later I was on phone with police (7:47 PM) giving them a description but I doubt I will get the phone back.


He tailed us from the Walgreens entrance I believe as I noticed him behind us but I have felt no fear of any crime since I have lived here that I did not pay enough attention.  I doubt that he is much of a threat to most but as described to police:


Black male, close cropped hair, white t-shirt, blue jean shorts, 5′ 10″ tall, weighing 230 pounds.  No seen tattoos or distinguishing marks, 25 to 30 years old, no hat, no shoe description. 

Someone I could run down easily if I was not injured but I was an easy target with my brace and my slow gait.

I will be more aware of those around me from now on, even when I can move quickly.



0 thoughts on “Snatch and run on S Jackson Street and 25th Ave South

  1. When I make my debut as a thief, stealing telephones likely won’t be at the top of my list. What is this guy going to do now, call somebody? And right next to Walgreens where he could steal all kinds of drugs. Walk two blocks in any direction and the CD noticeably improves. I feel like the strip of Jackson between MLK and 23rd is the epicenter of deadbeats and their silly capers. I don’t know if the cops can enforce it back to civility.

    Had to be scarry, glad you only lost a phone.

  2. That sucks, sorry.

    I know some of the recent iphones have some anti-theft features that allow you to locate the phone and/or lock it remotely. I don’t know if you have the ability to do that on your unit. You might want to look into it.