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PostGlobe article!3{2}”24 hours on MLK”

Himanee Gupta-Carlson, a writer for the Seattle PostGlobe (founded by former PI writers), and her husband walked all of MLK Boulevard this spring, documenting their trip with pictures and writing along the way.

MLK begins more or less at Madison and continues 8-some miles down into the Rainier Valley.  They describe parts of the CD along the way, including the intersection of MLK and Yesler:

At Yesler: We’ve covered the first five blocks of MLK walking south from Marion. We’re at Yesler, and have climbed a slight incline. Two buses — different routes — just met, doing left turns in unison. This stretch of Yesler is familiar terrain. I walk it, drive it often. I’m always struck by its flora and fauna, wild and overgrown blackberries, sweet pea flowers pouring out of the concrete. At the southeast corner, a substantially sized house on the market two years ago for $600,000 appears abandoned. It’s tagged in blue, black, and white paint.


They walk through the night and are surprised by how empty the street is for much of the time and by the friendliness of people along the way.  The full story is worth a read. 

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