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Community Teamwork: Victim’s Post on CDNews Solves Crime

Last Friday, CDNews member soundviewrob posted a short notice and photo of his bike that was stolen from his driveway the previous night. That bike is now back in his possession thanks to that post and an eagle-eyed officer in the East Precinct.

I just got the full story from SPD’s Lt. Deanna Nollette, who said that Officer Chin and his partner were on routine patrol Monday when they saw a man riding a bike without a helmet. They made a traffic stop for the helmet violation, and on closer inspection Officer Chin realized he recognized the bike. He had visited CDNews earlier that day and had seen soundviewrob’s post about the bike, and made the connection.

The suspect was taken into custody, the police report on the stolen bike was found, and soundviewrob was brought in to make a positive ID of his property. He got the bike back, and the suspect got booked into the King County Jail for Possession of Stolen Property. is a community platform. Anybody can post a story that will get attention and help communicate with your neighbors. If you’ve ever got news you’d like to share, register for a free account and post your story!

The stolen bike, now back at home

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  1. may i suggest a slightly stronger lock and more frequent use? i think those might help deter future thieves.