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Central Area & Capitol Hill Election Forum tonight

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(editors note: we’ll be liveblogging this here on the site and on twitter with hashtag #cdchs)

In brief: Candidates for “our” School Board position and all the candidates for City Council and Mayor will attend. 

Candidates will  give a brief introduction, be asked audience questions “drawn from the hat”, and in a final “lightning round” asked brief  question about our community (written 1 or 2 word answers) . You’ll be able to grab candidates before/afterwards and ask them your burning question.

To submit Lightning Round questions, go to:

When: Monday July 27th, 6 – 9 PM

Location: Mount Zion Baptist Church, 1634 – 19th Avenue (on 19th Ave. & Madison). Ample parking.  Buses: 11 and 12 go right past, buses 8, 10, 43, 48 within a few blocks. Enter from the Madison Street / 20th Ave parking lot: door in the corner.

There’s more: candidates, Seattle Disposable Shopping Bag Referendum (pro/con), community groups will staff information tables.

See the attached flyers for details. Please print/distribute flyers to neighbors.

Volunteers to help run the event are needed: E-mail Andrew Taylor ([email protected]) or turn up at Mt .Zion anytime after 5:15.

Schedule: 6:00 Start: 5 minutes Welcome (Pastor), 5 minutes intro etc.
1) 6:10 School Board position 5: Cullen, Helmstetter, Bass, Smith-Blum
2) 6:35 Council position 2: Conlin, (Ginsberg can’t attend)
3) 6:50 Council position 6: Kaplan, Licata, Israel
4) 7:10 Council position 4: Bagshaw, Tobin, Carver, Plants, Bloom
5) 7:35: Council position 8: O’Brien, Williams, Forch, Miller, Royer, Rosencrantz
6) 8:05 Mayor: McGinn, Donaldson, Nickels, Mallahan, Garrett, Drago, Campbell, Sigler
7) 9:00. Thanks. Disband.

Questions: people are given color-coded postcards to write questions as they arrive: one card per race per person. Questions are 12 words or fewer. Questions go into separate boxes for each race. The moderator draws and reads each question: probably 3 questions per race.

Candidates will be seated and speak in the order that they will appear on the King County ballot (

Event is co-sponsored by many neighborhood groups (see flyer for details) and underwritten by CHS Capitol Hill Seattle.


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