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Central Area & Capitol Hill Election forum: reminder, questions

Monday July 27th, 6 – 9 PM at Mount Zion Baptist Church, 19th & Madison. Meet all the candidates for Mayor, City Council and the local School Board seat. We’ll deal with each race in turn. Schedule below.

Details at

Who asks the questions? Well, you provide the questions! The longer (1 minute answer per question per candidate) questions are the ones you submit when you arrive. [OK, to keep things on-time the moderator reads the questions]

The lightning round questions (all candidates write a word or two and hold it up) will be from the ones you submit online:

  • 6:00 Greetings: Pastor Williams. Introduction
  • 6:10 School Board Position 5 – Cullen, Helmstetter, Bass, Smith-Blum
  • 6:35 Council Position 2 – Conlin, Ginsberg
  • 6:50 Council Position 6 – Kaplan, Licata, Israel 
  • 7:10 Council Position 4 – Bagshaw, Tobin, Carver, Plants, Bloom 
  • 7:35 Council Position 8 – O’Brien, Williams, Forch, Miller, Royer, Rosencrantz 
  • 8:05 Mayor – McGinn, Donaldson, Nickels, Mallahan, Garrett, Drago, Campbell, Sigler
  • 9:00. Thanks. Disband, clean-up.

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