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CD News Police Scanner – 7/24

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Friday, July 24, 2009

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  1. We’ve looked into the scanner activity from that time and couldn’t find anything of interest. Often special units like vice & narcotics operate on separate frequencies that we don’t actively monitor.

  2. any news of 4 gunshots on spring about 11? saw the cops there along with target being questionned (they missed him….)

  3. friday night. the cops had the target being questionned between 23rd and 24th on the south side of spring street.

  4. 2 ambulances and 5 cop cars man taken away on stretcher not sure what was going on.

  5. A caller reported hearing shots fired and then finding two people on the ground moaning. Police responded, thinking it was a shooting, but found that it was some other medical condition, with a female foaming from the mouth and a man laying unresponsive on the ground.

    There were other reports of fireworks in the area, so it’s not clear if there were ever shots fired.