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CD News Police Scanner – 7/14

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Tuesday, July 14. 2009

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  1. That guy is always there, daily, doing the same thing. There is a ordinance against agressive panhandeling that was passed years ago but selectivly enforced in areas of Seattle. A great example of selective racist enforcement and containment zones. Ask yourself, how long would this guy be allowed to panhandel at 45th and Wallingford daily? Hmmmm.

  2. I just drove by there and stopped at the light. He wasn’t aggressive, just panhandling. I gave him a coupla protein bars.

    Yesterday a dude was working 50th & I-5 when I took the N-bound exit. Kinda white bread there but not quite Wallingford Ave, hmmm? :)

  3. I am about sick of all of the wild ass kids around there…since the occupants in the lower unit on the end have really messed that block up…i know it wasnt all that great before but now its really bad….i only know who they are because their crazy mom has about 15 teenagers whom of which she lets have children at 14 and 15 years old…not just 1 child but 2 or 3 kinds so man add that up and you get a bunch of hoodlums running everywhere including in front of your car…not to mention all the neighborhood thugs coming to hang around all the teen girls cuz their mom thinks its cool to have gang banger babies dads hahah funny stuff

  4. correction** since the occupants in the lower unit moved there about 6 to 9 months ago it has really messed the block up

  5. i agree…i used to live in the udistrict in 2006 and i used to see the guy all the time..also at the freeway off of 45th…also down by montlake…any about everywhere else in the udistrict

  6. There are several gray haired panhandelers there. You must have given the protien bar to one of the nice ones.