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Blue Angels Practice Pics

The newshound escorted us on a trip to the Leschi Natural Area today (#3 on our list of best spots to watch) to see the Blue Angel’s practice session. Here’s some photos of the show:

(BTW – Got some shots of your own? Upload them to the site or email them to us)

0 thoughts on “Blue Angels Practice Pics

  1. It looks like there are 2 tail number 7s in the group pix – anyone know what that’s about?

  2. not to stereotype, but… its funny how the folks that would object to a sales tax on gasoline for public transit, or complain that government is too big and that we should help with health insurance for poor children, are the same folks that line up to cheer on this nonsense…

    at least that’s been my experience.

  3. even in the age of “iwon” they are still embarrassed by patriotism. Maybe if someone certainly not me!) were to rename them the “Blue Obamas” the leftist scum would then applaud

  4. if cheering for the blue angels is your definition of patriotism you are pretty shallow. if my not cheering for them makes you think i’m not patriotic, you are sadly mistaken.

    i can tell by your “leftist scum” comment you are possibly a fool.